Presidents Report

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From the President  (24th Feb 2013)

It was such a fantastic feeling being at Browne Park Friday night (22/2/2013) to witness the Mighty Emu Park Emu’s play in all grades. The fact that we only had one win from the five games is really irrelevant to me at this point and I will explain why. To quote an old saying, the formation of this club has literally been filled with “blood, sweat & tears” to this point. Many passionate and tireless people have moved heaven & earth to make this club a reality and for that, I say thank you!

In the wrap up of the weekends game, I have only mentioned the coaches of each team. There are many more involved, managers, trainers, gear stewards, committee members, the list goes on and I will continue to name and introduce each person over time. However, please know how valuable you all are in making this club a success!

Just on success, I ask that we all look beyond success as merely the wins we have in the games because there is so much more that we are winning in the big picture of the club.

For myself personally, the ‘wins’ of Friday night were many:

– Emu Park Emu’s had a team in each grade
– Each team was full of locals playing, with a large number new to rugby league or had not been playing last year.
– The crowd of Emu’s supporters were fantastic ( Norths president Charlie Beresford stated it was a very big crowd for them ) I personally know that we had the numbers in the crowd!
– The first try was scored for the club
– The first win was recorded for the club
– Our jerseys were a fantastic statement & talking point

The Emu Park Committe is committed to creating an all inclusive family friendly club that brings the game of rugby league back to Emu Park.

We have always wanted to promote the game and give kids in the community the chance to play not only rugby league but to play for their home town. This is also the same for parents who would like to be involved. Our committee will always welcome new faces, as will the club for anybody willing to get involved, no matter what time you have to help out, we will greatly appreciate it! We will be running courses for, coaches, trainers, first aid officers and referees ( must be over 14 years )

Finally, I would like to add that I will continue conversations with  Matt Pacey ( president of Seagulls) Rocky Junior League and also the QRL in regards to players wanting to come to the Emu’s that fall outside of rule 16. We have had great success with the communication and all agree that our main focus is to allow all the opportunity to play rugby league!

Also we will be having another field ‘health check’ which includes having our lights checked and some minor issues fixed to have home games at Emu Park for this season.

What a great start to the football season and to the beginning of the mighty Emu Park Emu’s!

Justin Loomans

Justin Loomans addressing the crowd at the 2012 Sign on day  for the Emu Park JRL
Justin Loomans addressing the crowd at the 2012 Sign on day for the Emu Park JRL