EP Mini-League 1988

Quigs here just found this old pic of the some of the Emu Park Mini League Squad from 1988
In the late 80’s a group of Parkies took the kids to Rocky to play in the Mini League Comp there. (there was nothing on the Coast for the kids back then) We had an impromptu Presentation Night at the Piney 1988.


I can’t remember all the names but some are still around our area.
Standing.l-r Brendan Quigley, Aaron Solito, ???, Lee Donnalon, Shane Murphy.
Kneeling. ???, Reece Calloway, ???Fitchen, Ross Goodger, ??? Fitchen.

Sorry I can’t remember all the names.

The dad fitchen (can’t remember his first name) volunteered to drive the bus for us up to Rocky and back. He worked for the transport department. ….And even back then – all those years ago – he had to stop driving the bus because we charged the token fee of $1 per kid on the bus to help pay for the hire. It was mentioned to him (dad Fitchen) that if one of you kids had a fall or i.e was pushed down the steps then he was responsible (the old insurance problem again)

We used to raise the money for the bus hire by running a shonky raffle every week. I sold the tickets whilst working at the Drive Through of the Piney